ask-dj-cloud said: Hey! How's the green bear doing? I bet you've killed quiet a lot these past few months. :3

I know!*He smiled, and pulled his knife out*I don’t know why you came here, you know what Im going to do!

evil-girl-flippy said: Flippy, who the hell are you?

Flippy….You know, your cute…

evil-girl-flippy said: What?...*she asked raising an eyebrow*

Who the fuck are you?

evil-girl-flippy said: *she popped her head up from out of nowhere and poked his cheek* ....hi....

…What the hell?….

ask-shadowtheultimatelifeform said: Ok, fuck you.*He pulled out his sig, and puts a couple rounds in Flippy's head*

YOU BITCH!*He falls to the ground, and bleeds out. Of course, he’ll be back in a matter of time*

ask-shadowtheultimatelifeform said: *He still stood, not putting pressure on his leg. He let out a small grone from the pain*Fuck you....

No…*He chuckled*Fuck you….

ask-shadowtheultimatelifeform said: OK! Ok...*He held his hands up, and got up slowly. He sighed, and looked down*...

*He smiled, and shot Shadow in the kneecap*

ask-shadowtheultimatelifeform said: *He doges, and hides behind a car*Fuck you, I didn't do shit! And you know Ill fucking kill you!

HA! You cant kill me, you fucker! Im immortal pretty much! No matter how many times I die! I still live!

ask-shadowtheultimatelifeform said: Your fucking retarded!

Come on. Tell me what you did to Amy. She frowned when I said your name. Come on tough guy.*He pulled his gun out, and shot some rounds off*